PSD Team

We are a group of poly organizers, programmers, and helper monkeys living on both coasts of the US.

The Boston crew is:


Alison writes code and wears stripes. She looks tired a lot, probably because her cat just learned how to open the freezer and knock things onto the floor, which is loud enough to wake a person up and honestly also pretty confusing until you actually catch the cat doing it.



Luke is a statistician. He likes the idea of different people finding each other in tolerant, friendly places full of hot people.


Helper Icon

Helper Monkeys, to whom we have much gratitude, do lots of the background work and all sorts of crazy stuff, usually involving taping numbers to things and checking little boxes. Helper Monkeys, we promise the wing requisition form has been submitted to W.W. West and we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.


The San Francisco crew

PSD events in the San Francisco area have been run by Luke, Pepper, Jen, Debby, and an unknown number of friends and flying monkeys.